5+ Cool Kitchen Gadgets Must Have | Under $70

5+ Cool Kitchen Gadgets Must Have | Under $70

From multipurpose cooker to bowl set, from the barbecue grill to stainless steel knife –the importance of each kitchen accessory and appliance is not unknown to anyone who frequents the kitchen. If you are considering replacement of the old kitchen gadgets with new appliances or purchasing some new accessories for your convenience, there is always the concern for budget. To help you out of such confusion, Redmond brings you some of the most affordable and advanced gadgets, that too below $70.

WO001 Electric Vacuum Wine Bottle Opener

From wine bottles to soft drink bottles, a wine bottle opener can open maximum 45 bottles effortlessly on a single charge. But, that is not all because this two-in-one model can also preserve maximum 180 bottles in full charge while the silver indicator ring helps you keep track of the last opening date of each bottle preserved thus. Rust-proof and durable, the stainless steel bottle opener also has a charging base where the foil cutters and stoppers can be stored.

Automatic Yogurt Machine White

The yogurt machine from Redmond is environment-friendly and offers seven different yogurt flavors to prepare according to your requirement. Healthy digestion with ensured by fresh yogurt after meal and with this machine you no longer have to purchase frozen and packaged yogurt from supermarkets. There are seven BPA-free glass jars with separate lids and each jar has the six-ounce capacity. You can make different flavored yogurt in respective jars and check the preparation process from the transparent cover on the machine.

ST001 2-Slice Compact Toaster

The brushed stainless steel body and arc-shaped design of the compact toaster not only saves your kitchen counter-top space but also offers great user convenience with the one-touch high lift. The removable crumb tray helps in getting rid of mess from the toasts while the collectible cord wrap feature helps in keeping the power cord safely tucked inside when not in use. Even toasting with six browning range of light and dark is possible with this toaster at significantly small time. You can defrost frozen bread, choose toasting modes and even reheat ant toast.

3 Pieces Multipurpose Scissors Set

Although the stainless steel multipurpose kitchen scissors seem to be insignificant in respect to the heavy-duty appliances, actually they are indispensable in cutting food packages, leafy vegetables, aluminum foils, plastics and various other tidbits in the kitchen. While being versatile, these 10”, 8.5” and 5.5” scissors are really durable and have premium-quality blades which do not get blunt even after continuous use. The ergonomic soft-grip scissor handles would fit all size of hands and for both right and left hands.   

Ceramic Chef Knife with Sheath

The ceramic chef knife from Redmond is much harder and sharper than stainless steel and is also light-weight. The TPR + ABS ergonomic design of the handle makes it easier to handle without slippage. While being sturdy for long-lasting usage, the knife is also wear-resistant, rust-proof and oxidation-resistant. If you deter from striking, prying or chopping frozen bones or frozen food or cut things on metal, ceramic or stone board, the knife will serve you efficiently, while retaining the food nutrients.  


SB001 5 Pieces Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set

Be it mixing batters and other ingredients or to serve the dishes, for storing cooked food and raw fruits and vegetables or to prepare dishes –the stainless steel mixing bowl set of 5 can be used for multi-purposes. The sleek bowls of different capacities i.e. 0.9L, 1.42L, 1.89L, 2.84L, and 4.73L, are made of top-quality stainless steel so that there is no worry of melting from excessive heat by the oven or rusting from damp weather. The inside-design lids are made from non-toxic recyclable plastic.

Apart from these, you can also consider buying the automatic multi cooker and the oil-less air fryer for boiling, frying, baking and cooking various types of dishes. An induction cooker can also save your time of cooking while the hand mixer can help blending batters, dough and more. A coffee grinder can serve those who need caffeine to recharge themselves and a peeler can help to peel vegetables and fruits.

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