5 Must-have Small Kitchen Appliances for your Kitchen

5 Must-have Small Kitchen Appliances for your Kitchen

When it comes to kitchen accessories and appliances, stocking up the right ones is quite a confusing task especially for those who are having new culinary experiences. Redmond knows your common requirements and its wide collection of excellent appliances can serve the primary purposes of your kitchen.

Here are the five most important and commonly required appliances and accessories to help you get started in your culinary adventures –

ST001 2-Slice Compact Toaster

The 2-Slice compact toaster from Redmond is a retro-style toaster that lets you toast fast and evenly with light to a golden and dark range of browning. Featuring arc-shaped elegant design coated with brushed 18/8 stainless steel and LED indicator, the toaster lets you use the modes like ‘Cancel’ to stop toasting, ‘Reheat’ for reheating the bread or toast without burning or over-browning and ‘Defrost’ for frozen bread toasting. The baking gear with 6 stalls is of 70s, 94s, 118s, 142s, 166s, and 190s. The cord wrap saves kitchen counter storage while the sliding crumb tray helps in cleaning.  

RMG-1208-E Redmond Meat Grinder

The universally designed electric meat grinder RMG-1208-E can be your one-stop appliance to prepare different types of meat as its three different essays let you mince and chop sausages and meat effortlessly and in little time. Apart from being eye-catching for its sleek design, the meat grinder comes with a reverse function that helps in turning the essays on the opposite direction. Without creating much noise, thanks to the powerful motor, the RMG-1208-E is safe to use in front of your kids. Besides, cleaning the device is quite easy because you don’t need to disassemble the parts.  

Multipurpose Scissors

As trivial it sounds, actually, the multipurpose kitchen scissors set of three from Redmond can be not only helpful in cutting paper, fabric, photographs but also seafood, vegetables, cut meat, and poultry bone, remove scales from fish, prawn, and lobsters, crack nuts, etc. With an ergonomic design featuring soft gripping handles, you can use it with both hands and with razor-sharp stainless steel blade on both sides you can effortlessly make incisions without snagging or tearing. The pack of three scissors comprises of 10”-255mm Titanium scissors, 8.5”-215mm dressmaking scissors and 5.5”-140mm craft-embroidery scissors. You can also check out the black Ultra Sharp Multi-Functional Kitchen Scissors which is dishwasher safe and separate blades can be used.    

RMC-PM4506A Redmond Electric Pressure Multi-Cooker

An electric multi pressure cooker that takes small space on your kitchen counter can be your perfect cooking appliance with its multi-faceted jobs ranging from steaming and stewing to cooking porridge, rice, pilaf, and soup with the pressure cooker mode. But that is not all as the multicooker mode lets you bake various types of meat wrapped with aluminum foil, pastries, and cakes and even fry different items. The two-in-one cooker has an industrial ergonomic design, four levels of protection system and large capacity to suit all your cooking needs. While retaining the color, flavor and nutritional value of the food, the cooker prepares food in significantly low time and it can even be washed in dishwasher.   

BL005 Portable Vacuum Sports Blender

Instead of looking for heavy and hefty stainless steel blender, invest in the Portable Vacuum Sports Blender from Redmond that consists of a blender base, blade base, sports bottle, and drinking lid.  Consuming 300 watts power with overload protection and interlock protection, the four sharp Cincred patented blades let you pulverize fruits, super food, vegetables, smoothies, marinades, salad dressings and shakes into the smooth delicious texture by cyclonic action. The process takes not more than two minutes and the BPA-free bottle along with the blades can be washed in a dishwasher.    

From cookers to boil up your food to meat grinder to chop your meat, from toasters for quick breakfast solution to the small scissors to cut food and packages –every appliance plays a vital role in kitchen.

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