5 Reasons to Choose Induction Cooker over Gas Stove

5 Reasons to Choose Induction Cooker over Gas Stove

Induction cooking has been revolutionary in contemporary times. It is effective and efficient and has been taking a roll into kitchens across the globe slowly but gradually. The traditional method of cooking on the flame is doubtlessly most preferred, yet there is openness to adapt to this novel style of cooking. There are crucial features we need to see in order to check why induction cookers can be chosen over a tradition gas stove:

  1. This new age induction cooker offers Over-heat resistance and automatic power off

Now you may cook tension-free when you have this wonderful cook-top. Just set the time for cooking and leave it on this magical tool to facilitate you with the best of its services. It renders a delicious taste to all your dishes because the heat spreads equally because of its unique design and wise temperature controlling. In case it is overheating, it is going to cut off heat automatically.

  1. This new age cooker is an even heating burner

You might not be able to cook some dishes on your normal gas stove because the heat flow out of them is restricted. Even if it allows you to, that should be really time-consuming, thus leave you wondering which could be the best induction stove? What will you do if you have invited over a bunch of friends? In that case cutting on loads of time, better than gas is this new cooktop in the market.

  1. Unlike a traditional gas burner, this is child safe and timer enabled machine

Solving the most common debate of induction Cook-top vs. gas, they have come up with this unique cooktop which shall any day be better in efficiency and performance as compared to a gas burner.

This is a great innovation because you can set up to 4 hours of heat supply timing between your desired temperatures as 140°F to 460°F. It s equipped with touch control panel, enabling to set child safety lock too.

  1. Like gas stoves, these induction tops do not require a large space

This induction could be one of your kitchen small appliances as it doesn’t require a larger space to fit in. This is so compact and weighs as meager as 2.4 inches, thus it can be handled easily and will accommodate your kitchen quite easily.

It is, however, important to note that you will have to invest in the cookware for this type of cooker that has flat and magnetic bottom. The best is iron, cast iron, and stainless steel cookware sets, for this wonderful cook-top. Thus, minimizing the chances of burning food, which is higher in those made on flame?

  1. Super cool system and wonderful waterproof design

You save a lot on installing those gas pipelines and unfriendly visits from the service centers. These induction cook-tops are so nice to own. Though, more expensive to start with, once they are there, rest assured it is a smart investment into buying this asset. The glass surface and design are absolutely scratch-free, supported by waterproof surface and super cooling system too.

Redmond works a lot of practical application of their kitchen appliances range. That’s why considering all the potential pros and cons of both ways of cooking, the induction cooker by Redmond is one such new idea and advanced way of cooking, which is way safer and quicker. 

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