Best Coffee Grinder Buying Guide

Best Coffee Grinder Buying Guide

From work pressure to long hours of late night study during exam, from a morning boost for starting your day to a strong boost at the end of the day –a mug of coffee is all you need. Anyone who relies on caffeine to energize the body and clear the clouded mind, a coffee-maker or coffee grinder can be the best option to get started with because not only does this appliance helps you make coffee within minutes but also consumes low electricity rather than natural gas used in conventional gas ovens. Redmond has everything from electric spice coffee grinders to coffee maker-grinder and that too at really affordable prices. To help you get started, here are the three top coffee grinders with reviews –

Redmond CG002 Electric Coffee Grinder

If you want to buy coffee grinder with one touch button for switching on and off, the CG002 Coffee Grinder can be a great option. It comes with a transparent cover to help you observe the grinding process of coarse, medium and fine powder for espresso, French Press, Pour Over, Cold Brew NDS Moka Pot. Fast and efficient grinding is possible with the sharp food-grade stainless steel blades and 150W grinding motor. Up to twelve cups of coffee i.e. 60 grams of coffee beans can be ground in one go while maintaining the rich oil and authentic aroma of the beans.   

Redmond CG003 Electric Spice Coffee Grinder

Coming to the CG003 Electric Coffee Grinder, it can be the best budget coffee grinder, which comes with a 39” long power cord that can be stored in the base to avoid mess and a non-slip mat so that the grinder remains firm on the counter. It features a one-touch operation where you need to press the lid simply and observe the grinding process from the transparent lid. The safety switch is hidden so that you do not have to worry about accidentally turning on the switch. 12 cups or 50g coffee can be ground at once with the noiseless, durable and yet powerful motor that grinds coffee within seconds for Turkish coffee, drip coffee, espresso, French Press etc.  

M1505S Coffee Maker with Grinder

If you are planning to buy a complete coffee maker with grinder, the SkyCoffee M15055 coffee maker can be the best coffee grinder. This drop coffee maker appliance comes with coffee grinder integrated with it so that you can effortlessly grind beans and brew it right away. The cost might be quite higher than the two appliances discussed above, but you need to understand that this one is not only a coffee grinder but combined with a coffee maker to make your work easy and save your space. What is better is with the mobile app Ready-for-sky the machine can be operated from your mobile if you are not near the machine and cannot operate with the panel on the machine.       

With the three best coffee grinders on the go, here is your quick buying guide so that you can determine what are the important features to look in a grinder –

  • According to your requirement of daily caffeine, which of course should be in limits, you should buy coffee bean grinder that can grind enough coffee beans in one go for your convenience.
  • The coffee grinder should not be bulky or heavy because storing it in a proper place and carrying it whenever you need effortlessly is important. Redmond coffee grinders are all very compact sized and you should choose yours accordingly.
  • While grinding coffee for different sized pots, make sure you can adjust the amount for different brews like espresso, Moka pot, French press etc.
  • Look for the grinder that grinds evenly and consistently for different settings like coarse, medium and fine.

Judging by the above points and the products mentioned from Redmond, it can be said undoubtedly that making the choice would be easier for you if you have a budget in mind because otherwise, all the products comply with the features.


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