Cool Summer Drinks

Cool Summer Drinks


A batch cocktail is one that can be made, assembled, and pitcher-ed (technical term) entirely, or almost entirely, ahead of time. This is extremely useful for party situations when you’d rather be mingling with your friends with a beverage in hand, instead of standing at the counter shaking cocktails for a line of thirsty guests.

It’s also useful if you’d like to make a batch of cocktails as part of your Sunday meal prep and keep it stashed in the fridge for nightcaps during the week. Maggie has a whole list of recipes in her book that are perfect for this.

For me, the idea of prepping big batch cocktails feels more approachable. I have all the ingredients laid out. I get any finicky (to me) steps like simple syrups and muddling fruits done all at once. And I’m not doing this work for the reward of only a single cocktail.


In Maggie’s expert hands, batch cocktails are more than just pouring a few different liquors together in a pitcher. These are nuanced recipes with depth and pizzazz.

Some are spirit-forward, like a riff on the Manhattan called Happiness. Some will take advantage of your herb garden, like the tequila-based Garden Rambler. Others will introduce you to new liquors while wooing you with fruity flavors, like the Side Porch Sangria I’m sharing today.

Maggie interviewed dozens of top bartenders and mixologists around the country while putting together this book. These batch cocktails are all based on their favorite fancy cocktails, but accessible to those of us without mixology degrees.


1 Up to 8 hours before serving, make the batch: Pour Aperol, Campari, vermouth, and chilled wine into a 2-quart pitcher.  If not serving immediately, seal well, covering with plastic wrap if needed, and refrigerate.

2 Up to 2 hours before serving, add the juices: Stir chilled apricot juice into pitcher mix. Prepare and add grapefruit juice, then stir and reseal, returning pitcher to refrigerator if not serving immediately.

3 Serve: To serve, add grapefruit and apricot slices, if desired, and stir well. Fill pitcher with ice, and stir gently until outside of pitcher is cool. Serve immediately in ice-filled rocks glasses or wine glasses. Offer chilled seltzer to top off the drink, if desired.

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