Helpful Kitchen Ideas: 5 most popular stress relief kitchen products you should buy

Helpful Kitchen Ideas: 5 most popular stress relief kitchen products you should buy

When it comes to planning a multipurpose kitchen, there are a number of appliances and accessories to start with such as hand mixer, knife set, pressure cooker, coffee maker and so on. Even after planning and executing accordingly there are many cases when you feel the need for a particular accessory which is not present in the kitchen and the whole idea of that culinary adventure falls apart. Redmond has an array of kitchen appliances to choose from but here are the five most important products that you would need in your daily or regular culinary activities.

Electric Wine Bottle Opener to Pop Up Caps  

The WO001 wine bottle opener comes with stainless steel corkscrew and a rechargeable battery that can preserve around 180 bottles or open around 45 bottles on single charge. The wine stopper indicates the last date of usage while the recharging base stores foil cutters and stoppers. On the other hand, the WO002 model has rust-resistant stainless steel opener and LED indicator that shows when the opener is in functional state. With Pull and Release buttons it can open maximum 60 bottles in single charge.  

Electric Hand Mixer for Easy Blending

With five variable speed options, the HM009 hand held electric mixer lets you adjust the speed from 850 RPM to 1250 RPM. Be it for preparing bread batter or mashing potatoes, whipping meringue or beating egg whites, the stainless steel dough hooks, whisk and wide beaters can do your job without creating any noise. The 250-watt copper motor also helps in fast heat dissipation with the circulated cooling system. Another hand mixer from Redmond is the RHB-2915-E model that comes with sharp stainless steel blades inside sturdy glass pot to crush ice, mix various sauces, cut fish and meat and puree cheese, fruit, and vegetables.     

Meat Grinder to Prepare Various Meat Dishes

The RMG-1208-E electric meat grinder can be your one-stop solution to mince, cut, slice or chop meat or even make sausages effortlessly. The grinder not only has a stylish ergonomic design but also offers optimal functionality with safety so that you can prepare newer and different meat dishes within little time. You can choose any of the three mincing essays for grinding the meat and also use the reverse mincing function where the essay turns in the opposite direction.

Multi-Cooker to Cook and Boil within Minutes

If you are considering multi pressure cooker that does not take up much space and cooks food within minutes while retaining the nutrients, flavor, and color of the food, the RMC-PM4506A Electric cooker can be a perfect choice for you. This ergonomically designed two-in-one model with four-level protection and large capacity can help you in making soup, stew, pilaf, and porridge as well as bake cake, pastries, fried food and meat in aluminum foil. The Redmond RMC-M20E Automatic cooker with starter pre-selection and feature of keeping the food warm can also be a handy option because its ten-in-one saucepan can do the works of saucepans, rice cookers, electric cookers, steamer, yogurt machines and more.  

Ceramic Knife Set For Cutting Vegetables and Fruits  

Although Redmond has individual Ceramic Chef Knife and Stainless Steel Peeler, for extensive usage, it is better to go with the ceramic knife set and peeler with sheaths. The set consists of a six-inch chef knife, four-inch utility knife, and three-inch paring knife along with the Y-shaped peeler. Ceramic knives are sturdier and sharper enough so that there is no need for sharpening them like stainless steel knives. Rust-free and hygienic, these knives do not absorb food particles and are easy to clean. The ceramic peeler can effortlessly peal through even the waxy and slippery vegetables and fruits like plums, tomatoes, and peaches.

It is important that the appliances you purchase are in your budget and have unmatched functionality so that all your primary purposes are served effortlessly –Redmond has you covered with the top-class products.

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