Make Your Party Memorably-Delicious with Top Kitchen Pick Ideas

Make Your Party Memorably-Delicious with Top Kitchen Pick Ideas

Are you planning to throw a party but feeling at loss at what to organize for it? Well, be it a housewarming party or a birthday party, a reunion or a simple get-together, the parties are more or less the same i.e. if you stock up your kitchen appliances and accessories accordingly beforehand, you are all set.  Here are the best ideas to incorporate –

Keep Knives and Cutting Board Handy

As for the cutting purpose, you should go for small kitchen appliances like the ceramic knife and peeler set that comes with sheaths. The rust-free knives are sharper than the steel knives and are easy to clean. From cutting to slicing, mincing to peeling vegetables, eggs, fish or meat, the WP001 Cutting Board from Redmond can be the best choice as it is made of organic bamboo which is not only durable against cracking, splintering or warping, but also has knife-friendly cutting surface.   

Pop Up Wine Bottles with Bottle Opener

You would not want to create an awkward impression by your saggy attempt in opening the premium champagne bottle or the bottle of red wine. The WO002 Bottle Opener from Redmond comes with blue LED indicator that flashes whenever you press “Pull” and “Release” –as a matter of fact, you would have your bottle opened in mere seconds and in full charge, it will open about 60 bottles! Another affordable choice for you will be the WO001 wine bottle opener with an electric vacuum pump which stores a small amount of wine with wine stopper for you to sample after popping up the cap.   

Make Serving Easy With Flatware and Tableware

Go eco-friendly with the bamboo made tableware set of four dinner plates, four dessert plates, four mugs and four bowls for serving salad and soups. These are not only lightweight but also durable, food-safe, cut resistant and dishwasher safe. With tableware, you will need a sufficient amount of flatware sets and the 20-Piece Stainless Steel Flatware Set from Redmond will be a great option to consider. It consists of four dinner knives, four dinner spoons, four teaspoons, and four salad forks. Also get the PVC placemat set which is waterproof, fade-resistant, and stain-resistant which can be cleaned by wiping.    

Keep Barbecue Going With Electric Grill

One of the best BBQ accessories will be the Redmond RBQ-0252-E Electric Grill that comes with five cups and six automatically rotating skewers arranged around the cylindrical housing. Made out of eco-friendly materials, this ergonomic grill heats up and coals the meat and vegetables uniformly and equally within little time. If you are arranging a barbecue party, this appliance will be undoubtedly the best investment to make steaks and shashlik fast and easily.     

Get Warm Toasts Ready with Toaster

If you think that a sandwich toaster is an appliance designed only for breakfast preparation, you are somewhat wrong as this compact appliance can help you toast sandwiches in no time during your party. According to your requirement as well as the number of invitees in general for your parties, choose the stainless steel toasters from Redmond which are offered in two-slice slots and 4 slice shots models. With adjustable brown levels for different types of toasts and bread, you can enjoy easy functionality.

Grind Meat Easily With Meat Grinder

Making scrumptious sausages, hot dogs, sandwich meat fillings and other meat items can be made easy with the Redmond RMG-1208-E Meat Grinder that can be safely operated in front of kids without creating much noise. There are three different essays for mincing the meat and the best feature is the grinder can even be turned in the reverse direction. Make new dishes or try new items for your party –the meat grinder will save your time and energy.

When catering a party, you need to keep some specific tools within hand’s reach and Redmond brings you the best in class kitchen appliances to make your party successful.

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