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Blenders are a type of popular kitchen appliances which are used to mix foods and other substances. Because of the high popularity, blenders are available in many different types of sizes and designs. Most of the blenders available in the market nowadays are portable blenders as many people like to travel with their own blenders. Here are the two types of blenders which are usually most popular among the users. These types are:

Smoothie Blenders

These types of blenders usually come with multiple speed settings. The smoothie blenders are also known for their brilliant ice crushing ability. Vacuum blenders are considered to be one of the best types of smoothie blenders. Redmond is known for offering the best vacuum blenders.  

Personal Blenders

Personal blenders are somewhat smaller in size and come with a cheaper price. One can also drink from the jar of the blender which is another exciting feature of these types of blenders. Because of these reasons, personal blenders are considered to be smart portable blender in the US. The personal blenders generally do not come with speed control settings.

Buying a blender can depend on the main purpose of using it. As an example, many people who are associated with sports generally look for portable vacuum sports blenders.