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People use various types of gadgets and tools regularly to make life simpler. The most effective of them found commonly at home are as follows.

• Corkscrews are the wine bottle openers that are very easy to use. In the first step, the tip of this tool is required to be pushed into the cork and twisted till it reached into about 3/4th of the cork.  Next, the base hinge should be put on the lip of the bottle and pulled upwards. Once it reaches a point where it can’t be pulled anymore, the second hinge should be used to repeat the process. This will help to pull out the cork easily and gently. One can select different types of corkscrew as per their preference and need. 

• One can buy a coffee grinder to serve multiple functions. They can not only grind coffee but also dry herbs, powdered sugar, spices, chopped nuts and seeds, and bread crumbs, etc.  

• Foam maker or frother can be used for different preparation of coffee such as latte or cappuccino and hot chocolates. They can also be used to mix cocktails or whip eggs.  

• Bodyweight bathroom scales are helpful tools for those, who are trying to lose weight and want to check their weight regularly.

 One can choose among plenty of options available in each category to serve different purposes.