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No kitchen set up is complete without cutlery and knife accessories. While cutleries are comprised of different types of spoons, forks, and knives, various types of knife sets are used for cutting, chopping, slicing, dicing and mincing different types of food items.

Knife sets

A knife set generally consists of different types of knives. While knives with stainless steel blades are used for cutting meats and bones, ceramic knife sets are mainly used for cutting fruits and vegetables in thin slices.

Kitchen shears

These are mainly kitchen scissors developed especially to be used in the kitchen. They are quite different than regular scissors both in terms of shape and also in terms of uses. While regular scissors have two symmetrical finger holes, kitchen scissors have one large and one small finger hole. The blade length of kitchen scissors is about more than 6 inches. They help in cutting chicken and fish smoothly and effortlessly.  

Multipurpose kitchen scissors

These tools are developed to perform multiple functions. They are ideal for cutting and slicing different food items. They can also be used as a bottle cap opener, nutcracker, screwdriver, can opener and fish scaling. They are easy to clean as well. For long-lasting maintenance of these blades, it should be cleaned thoroughly and wiped properly after every use. Since they are also used for cutting meat and scaling fishes, it is important to sanitize them.



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