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Knives are one of the vital kitchen accessories. Different types of knives serve different purposes. Some are ideal to cut cheese, while some are suitable for fruits and vegetable. Some are designed to cut meats and bones. For instance, a ceramic knife set is mainly used for cutting thin slices of fruits and vegetables, while steel knives are used to cut a wide variety of food items.

Kitchen knife set on Redmond

A kitchen knife set generally comprises of different types of knives, each dedicated for different purposes. While a carved paring knife is used to cut pepper, olives, and cherries, a utility knife can cut tomatoes and squash efficiently. A butcher knife is used for cutting steaks or cold meats. Again some slicers and carvers are mostly used for carving boneless roasts, pot roast, etc.

Ceramic knife sets on Redmond

This type of knife set is immune to acids and hence they are the perfect choice for cutting citrus fruits. The knives are lightweight and their edge stays longer while cutting softer food items such as fibrous tissues and vegetables. They are resistant to rust and hence last longer. These knives are practically safe to be washed in the dishwasher. However, one should be careful while putting them in the dishwasher as they might get fractured if they are hit by some other objects in a dishwasher.



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