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Sous Vide, meaning ‘under vacuum' in French, is a type of cooking method. In this process, food is vacuum-sealed in a bag and was cooked in water at a very specific temperature. The result produced through this cooking process cannot be achieved through any other methods.

Cooking in Sous vide

For years high-quality professional kitchens carry out cooking sous vide to maintain the same level of consistency while preparing food every time. The food cooked through this process turned out to be tender and moist. Now, a wide variety of options available in sous vide machines and that too in affordable price, which allows the users to cook food in this method at the convenience of their home. Food prepared in the traditional method can often end up getting dried. For instance, when the steak is cooked traditionally, it gets dried and loses a certain amount of its volume. Whereas, using the sous vide cooking method can prevent such occurrences.  

Benefits of sous vide

The numerous benefits of sous vide cooking are they help in getting better texture and tenderness for cooked food. They also help in improving the flavor of the food. One of the most important advantages is that it prevents food from getting overcooked. Besides, following the sous vide cooking guide one can get a perfect result every time. It also helps in saving a lot of money and keeps the kitchen organized. Besides, food can be prepared in large volume in this method. As a result, apart from commercial purposes, one can also buy a sous vide machine for home.



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