Roter Mond(Redmond) / Since 1939 

Roter Mond (Redmond)/ Since 1939 a European affordable-luxury brand of appliances

In March 1939, German, Roter Von Backmann and Redmond Koch, founders of Roter Mond (Redmond), wrote down their ideas of advanced customization services for private cooking utensils in high-end restaurants serving aristocrats. 

In June 1939, Redmond Koch built the first toaster, named “Roter Mond” for Roter Von Backmann.

In March 1940, six months after World War Ⅱ, Redmond Koch was forced to join the army. Roter Mond restaurant was taken over and managed by Roter Von Backmann and later turned into a rescue station. But Redmond Koch sacrificed his life for his country in the field.

In September 1956, Roter Von Backmann finished the production of the red toaster, that was designed together with Redmond Koch during his lifetime. The vintage red color witnesses their great love of braveness.

In 1963, the brand, Roter Mond (Redmond), gradually entered the upper class of Europe. And exclusive hand-made customization was prevalent at that time, especially for aristocrats.  Meanwhile, using high-quality and good-looking Roter Mond kitchenware had been a symbol for aristocratism.

In 1970, Roter Mond (Redmond) brand kitchen appliances and kitchenware products began to circulate to the general public with the brand positioning of luxury goods, and successfully entered the markets in the UK, Belgium, Poland, France, Spain, the US and Russia.

In the development, people in German, French, and Spanish-speaking countries maintained the traditional pronunciation of the brand, Roter Mond. In English-speaking and Russian-speaking countries, consumers were used to reading the brand as Redmond replacing Roter, meaning red in German, with RED in English.

In 2016, Roter Mond (Redmond) brand has more than 100 direct boutique stores in Europe, and has launched strategic cooperation with two major supermarket groups in Europe, the German MediMarket and France Auchan.

In 2018, Roter Mond (Redmond) brand and Caylee Cowan jointly released the commemorative brand story “Dream Back”, which used a retro toaster as the main line to tell the story of the heroine who traveled through the last century to seek for love. In the same year, the brand entered online channels such as Amazon.

Roter Mond (Redmond) preserved the vintage “Roter Red” purposed at the creation of the brand and vintage European colors in Global market. The colors represent the sincere and brave love of Roter Von Backmann and Redmond Koch, and also symbolize the hope for world peace.


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