HM012 6-Speed Hand Mixer
  • Six Speed Settings and Turbo Button

  • Four Wider Stainless Steel Double Mixers

  • Ergonomic Design and Lighter Weight

  • Features
  • Specification

Six Speed Settings and Turbo Button

REDMOND electric hand mixer with 250W motor has 6 different speeds are all thumb operated, which can help you whisk, mix and knead, while the turbo of the hand mixer can help you to blend more quickly

Ergonomic Handle

This hand mixer has gone through many safety tests and strives to improve the sense of design. Reduce the overweight of ordinary eggbeaters and reduce the burden when using. Make your use easier and happier

Stainless Steel Surface and Flexible Cord Sleeve

The hand mixer is made of stainless steel and plastic, which is more durable and equipped with an accessory rack for easier storage of accessories. The flexible cord sleeve and mul-ti hole heat dissipation design are more safe to use. And after using it, you can make the hand mixer stand on your desk

One-button Eject Design

Convenient and safe to disassemble or clean the stirrer of the electric manual stirrer when you want to switch other attachments. The hand mixer is convenient to operate with one hand, and easy to clean.Flexible Cord Sleeve

Mix and whip with power, convenience and comfort

Whip up an airy meringue or hearty dough for homemade pizza with the REDMOND 6 Speeds Hand Mixer With Turbo Button. With a soft-grip handle for easy use and four mixing attachments, this versatile mixer is your go to appliance for blending, creaming, kneading and folding. If you’re making bread, dough hooks are included to help you knead the ingredients together. For whipping cream or beating egg whites to fold into a recipe, use the whisk for great results every time.

Why REDMOND 3-in-1 8-Speed Stick Blender ?

Hand mixer, with stainless steel housing, has a storage bracket it easier and less messy to rest attachments. It also has six speeds plus a turbo, providing additional power with the push of a button
250w Heavy Duty Motor 
One Button Eject Design2 x Beaters / 2 x Dough Hooks 
6 Regular Speed and Turbo Function 
Storage Bracket and Flexible Cord Sleeve

Rated Voltage/Power :


Motor Speed :


Cord Length :

48"(2 prong)

Blade Material :

18/10 Stainless steel

Product Dimensions :

3.15 x 2.76 x 2.36 inches

3-in-1 :

1*Stick Blender; 1*Milk Frother; 1*Egg Whisk; 1*Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

Will accessories that come into contact with food rust? Is it made of stainless steel?

1. The accessories that come into contact with food are not stainless steel. Wash and dry them as soon as possible after use, and avoid scratching the surface. 

2. The accessories shipped by HM009 from January 2020 are made of stainless steel 304, which will not rust under normal use. Please also ensure that the accessories are washed or dried after washing. 

3. The accessories of HM012 are made of stainless steel 304.

Should I stop after a period of use and let the product rest for a while? How long do I need to pause?

It is recommended to rest the product for more than 5 minutes after using it for 5 minutes.

Mixer accessories are not easy to eject

Putting the gear into 0 gear can be put in normally.

The sound is a bit loud.

Because the motor runs at high speed, it will produce some sound. This sound is within the normal range (150cm no-load test first gear: 72.7dB, sixth gear: 75.4dB (less than 80dB)), and will not It has an effect on the human body, you can use it with confidence