ST028 Retro Stainless Steel Toaster
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Extra-Wide Slots

Extra wide 1.5 inch slots can accommodate a perfect toasting for whatever you're toasting. Such as Handle bagels, English muffins, Thick sliced homemade breads and so on. The slots adjust to fit thin bread slices or thick bagels with ease.

Bagel, Defrost, Cancel

Bagel setting toasts the inside and warms the outside, defrost setting for defrosting bread, Cancel function ends toasting at any time. Indicator lights make it easy to see the selected setting at a glance.

Cool Touch Surface

Manual high lift lever, automatic pop up function when the food done, safely in reach, easily remove smaller bread bagels waffles. 825-watt rapid browning with crispy result. Do not touch the upper part of the toaster to avoid burns.

Removable Crumb Tray

The crumb tray is easily to slides out which make cleaning easily. The crumb tray lets you remove crumbs before they burn or mess up your kitchen. Also, the cord wrap storage is right for your counter space.

Making crispy delicious breakfast become easier and efficient now with REDMOND 2 slice toaster

Simplicity is the key to elegant design, REDMOND compact stainless steel 2-Slice toaster brings retro classic design features a sleek blue appearance. Simple controls with browning control ranges from 1 (light) to 6 (dark) and three options for Bagel, Defrost, and Cancel...Whether you are preparing a sandwich or cheeses bagel, this reliable toasting gives you a crispy evenly result every time. Easy cleanup with the removable crumb tray. It even has a cord wrap storage underneath the bottom. 

Why ST028 Retro Stainless Steel Toaster?

6 shade settings

Extra-wide slots

Bagel, Defrost, Cancel function 

High-lift lever 

Removable crumb tray 

LED indicating buttons 

Cord wrap storageCompact small size

Housing :

Stainless Steel

Item Weight :

4.25 pounds

Wattage :


Color :

Blue/Pink/Mint Green/Green/Cream/White

Product Dimensions :


Material :

5 x 6 x 7 inches

Controls :


Frequently Asked Questions

What functions does this product have? What are the functions? What is the difference between each function ?

1. Three functions: Cancel, Bagel, Deforse, 6-gray color. The baking time is: 1st gear: 71", 2nd gear: 121", 3rd gear: 140", 4th gear: 171", 5th gear: 196", 6th gear: 222" 

2. Bagel: Bagels are heated, and the outermost sides are hot. 

3. The Defrost gear is an increase of 30 seconds based on the original baking time of each gear

How much bread can this product bake?

This product can bake two sides of bread at the same time, the maximum bread trough is 1.5 inches.

How long does it take to bake bread?

The power of the product is 825W, the normal gear baking time: 1st gear: 71", 2nd gear: 121", 3rd gear: 140", 4th gear: 171", 5th gear: 196", 6th gear: 222" each For the color effect of the stall, please refer to the color card attached to the product.

If the bread is taken out from the refrigerator, it is recommended to use the Defrost gear.